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Love Series Stories of Level 1

Love Series Stories of Level 1

Love Series Stories of Level 1

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Love Series Stories of Level 1 

Age group : 4 - 8 

Author : Maha Shehadeh

Publisher : Tafakkur Center

Series Contents:
- 8 English stories of Love series - level 1
- Arabic songs CD for level 1

This level is considered as the base upon which all other levels are considered. In this level, we ignite the child's moral behaviour motives as we help him attach his heart to Almighty Allah and think of the philosophy of his very existence , and make him accept himself , when contemplating about himself and his very creation , and the philosophy pf diversity among people 

Love Series Stories: 
1- I Am a Happy Child
2- I Am a young Explorer
3- The Stare of Peace
4- Contemplating on the Flowers' Wings
5- I Wish I Were a Human
6- What Matters Most
7- Sparrows Laugh
8- Annoos in the Prayer Niche

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