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I Am a Young Explorer

I Am a Young Explorer

I Am a Young Explorer

Brand :4 - 8
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I Am a Young Explorer

level : One 

Age group : 4 - 8 

Author : Maha Shehadeh

Publisher : Tafakkur Center

The story entitled "Annoos in the Prayer Niche", of  love series' is part of "Let's Contemplate with Annoos"  منهاج تفكر مع أنوس curriculum, story number 2 of level one.

In a comic atmosphere, Annoos goes on an exploration trip with his lovely friend Basboos to ask and have dialogue with the creatures. He learns from them the principles of Monotheism, the meaning of the Purity Surah. So, his heart gets attached to Allah, the Only One, the Self-Sufficient Master and the light, reciting there is no deity but Allah.  

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