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Sparrows Laugh

Sparrows Laugh

Sparrows Laugh

Brand :4 - 8
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Sparrows Laugh

 level : One 

Age group : 4 - 8 

Author : Maha Shehadeh

Publisher : Tafakkur Center

The story entitled "Annoos in the Prayer Niche", of  love series' is part of "Let's Contemplate with Annoos"  منهاج تفكر مع أنوس curriculum,  story number 7 of level one.

Through questions characterised by a comic style, Annoos's imagination is ignited by philosophical thinking typical of children which helps promote their ability to think creatively and critically at the same time. Thus, the child thinks about himself and his senses in order to see with his own eyes Allah's Power and Beauty clearly manifested. He also is delighted due to the bounties and honour granted by Allah. So, his love and obedience to Allah, the Most Generous grow more and more. 

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