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The Star of Peace

The Star of Peace

The Star of Peace

Brand :4 - 8
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The Star of Peace 

level One 

Age group : 4 - 8 

Author : Maha Shehadeh

Publisher : Tafakkur Center

The story entitled "Annoos in the Prayer Niche", of  love series' is part of "Let's Contemplate with Annoos"  منهاج تفكر مع أنوس curriculum, story number 3 of level one.

In an atmosphere characterised by a flowery language that helps develop the child's linguistic skills, and moving paintings that take him to the world of love and imagination, a star from the sky flies over Annoos to teach him how to live in peace and quite. As a result, Annoos passes through peace windows on the earth to fully realise the peace value. Finally, his heart gets strictly attached to Allah Who is Full of Majesty and Honour.

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