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What Matters Most

What Matters Most

What Matters Most

Brand :4 - 8
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What Matters Most 

level : One 

Age group : 4 - 8 

Author : Maha Shehadeh

Publisher : Tafakkur Center

 The story entitled "Annoos in the Prayer Niche", of  love series' is part of "Let's Contemplate with Annoos"  منهاج تفكر مع أنوس curriculum, story number 6 of level one.

Many objectives are listed on the educators' agenda in their pursuit of developing generations. Allah's obedience and gaining His pleasure, however, remain the noblest of aims in this world.

In this story Annoos contemplates about an ant. He has many queries which lead him to learn that what matters most in this world is attaining Allah's pleasure and love. This is only achieved by obeying Almighty Allah and keeping away from his disobedience.

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